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Vendor Partner Program

  • Boost Revenue  with our Vendor Partner Equipment Lease Program. Fast Funding and Generous Approvals help you serve more clients and cross sell more equipment.
  • Enjoy Financial Incentive Rewards. We love to reward our equipment vendors generously.
  • Build Customer Loyalty. Your customers will appreciate applying and completing  the simple, plain english lease agreement on their phone or tablet. No Driver's License or upfront payment from your customer is required. 5 minutes is all it takes!
  • Maximize Productivity with our integrated web tools for management  and sales people alike. Do more business in the office, or in the field. Spend more time with Customers, and virtually no time on paperwork.

4 Hour Vendor Funding Program -This Changes Everything!


  • Step 1: The merchant completes our fast and easy online application in less than 5 minutes and the vendor sends us a simple equipment invoice. The lease is approved the same day, and often instantly. The vendor and the merchant receive email updates each step of the way.
  • Step 2: Electronic Documents are sent to the merchant, who signs the lease agreement on a computer or cell phone. THE TRANSACTION IS NOW CONSIDERED CLOSED!
  • Step 3: 100% of the vendor's invoice is paid within 4 hour of the receipt of the e-docs.


  • 100 % up to $50K paid within 4 hours, pre-delivery
  • No Serial Numbers are required on the invoice
  • No Verbal Authorization is required prior to funding -Never any frustrating phone tag
  • No Driver's License is required from the merchant -no bad copy problems, no bugging the merchant for better copies, no delay, no frustration
  • No Funds Collected prior to funding- No checks, no wire transfers, no hassle!